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Historical Dance Bibliography

A comprehensive keyword list

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Dances of the Renaissance

Dances of baroque and rococo

Country dances / contredanses

19th century dances

20th century dances (up to 1920 or so)

Extra keywords


  1. Quadrille dances closed into a circle. Circassian and sicilian are well-known examples
  2. Multiple cotillon figures danced one after another in a single dance
  3. Any dance for a line of couples (add it when adding any other longway tag). Musical form of the country dance is not counted in keywords (i. e. waltz longway doesn't generate a “waltz” keyword)
  4. Special form of ecossaise for two linked columns standing side by side
  5. Differences between longway country dances and ecossaises is yet to be determined
  6. Special kind of longway that make use of complicated ballet steps (entrechat, sissone, ballote, glissade, pas de rigodon, etc.)
  7. Includes cotillon (in the meaning of ballroom game) and the Waltz Cotillion (fixed sequence of figures)
  8. Currently includes the following tags: reel, jig, strathspey, fling, fancy, hornpipe, clog
  9. Includes mazurka dance as a quadrille, and as a cotillon
  10. Including variations (e. g. Esmeralda)
  11. Including variations (e. g. polka-redowa)
  12. Any quadrille (add it when adding any other quadrille tag). Musical form of the quadrille is counted in keywords (i. e. schottische quadrille will generate “schottische” keyword). Sets of cotillions (in the American meaning) are also tagged with this keyword
  13. Indicates single quadrille figure described as an independent dance
  14. First set finale figure variation: the dancers join hands in a circle, and perform figures according to conductor's commands
  15. Keywords includes numerous Lancers variations (like Saratoga Lancers)
  16. Form of first set with high amount of figure variations, lead by a conductor
  17. Contains figures used to replace one from the first set
  18. Either schottische (including variations like military schottische or pas de quatre)
  19. Round dances containing more that one figure or step. Keyword includes round dances of the middle of 19th century (gorlitza, sicilienne, Cellarius valse, etc.)
  20. Ballet, scenic and show off dance (also the music for such dances, or taken from them)
  21. Tango in the middle of 19th century is believed to be just a sequence dance (as far, as I know, nobody did a research on that). However, since the dance was able to pass through the sequence era, a separate keyword was added for it
  22. Any kind of waltz (add it when adding any other waltzing tag)
  23. Including boston dip
  24. Any kind of sautese
  25. Includes slow French, slow German, langsamer, rasher and geschwinder waltzes
  26. Any animal dance (add it when adding any other animal dance tag)
  27. Indicates that the source has lyrics being sung while dancing
  28. Introductory article is present in the book
  29. When source contains dance description (the sequence of steps and figures)
  30. When source contains short dance description (i. e. few lines of a description, while main content of the book is the musical notation)
  31. When source contains instructions how to learn dancing
  32. Source containing author view on some dance-related subject
  33. Belles-lettres, memoirs and essays of the first known edition on the source language
  34. Source containing description of révérences to be performed before the dance
  35. Any kind of useful tempo indication
  36. Musical tempo is specified by Italian terminology (e. g. allegro assai)
  37. Musical tempo is specified by number of beats on Mälzel metronome
  38. Special keyword for the books lacking dance related parts, but added for collection completeness

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