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Here is a transcription of entry with id coulon_1850:

Transcribed by Viktor Lapshin

Eugène Coulon

The Warsaw Varsoviana with a Correct Description of the Figure

The Varsoviana

This dance, like the Waltz, is performed by two persons, gentleman holding the lady by the right arm.

There are two different steps.

The first occupies two bars of music. It is composed of 1 Polka step for the first bar, and for the second the foot is slidden to the side, the toe pointed and kept in that position during the remainder of it. This is to be repeated eight times, each time turning half around.

The second step occupies four bars, the first and the second of which are employed while the 1st of polka-mazurka is danced, twice to the side; the third bar, while one step of polka is danced, turning half round; and the forth bar, while the foot is slidden to the side, keeping the toe pointed during the remainder of the bar. This second step is to be repeated four times.

Nota bene

There is also an additional step, which may be danced instead of the second step, or partly with it, — that to say — twice of the one and eight of the other: but this is left to the option of the dancers.

This is danced thus: one polka step, which takes one bar, observing to slide the first step instead of jumping, and turning like in the waltz. This is to be repeated sixteen times, when the part of the second step is not used.

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